On Safari 2009

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TICA International Cat Show
- Portland, OR - OnSafari 2009 -

Bengal Congresses
               Friday night, Oct. 30th
International Cat Show
               Saturday & Sunday,
                                   October 31st and November 1st
All-In-One Show Hall & Hotel ~ Holiday Inn @ Portand Airport
Free 24/7 Shuttle from Airport ~ 5 minutes away from PDX

Bengal Cat Lovers and International Cat Fanciers will be traveling to Portland Oregon to attend On Safari, the world’s largest and most prestigious International Cat Show featuring the Bengal cat!

The show is sanctioned by TICA, The International Cat Association, and is hosted by TNCC, The New Culture Club, a Portland, Oregon cat club. The show is sponsored by Royal Canin, the benefits Chapple Hill Cat Sanctuary and the Oregon Food Bank.


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International Allbreed & Household Pet Cat Show

Arr Left
Maine Coon Cat
Rosette Bengal Cat
British Shorthair cat
Arr Right

Bengal Congress Judges

~ Kitten - Cat - Alter ~ x 3 ~

Linda Jean Grillo - USA
Aline Noel Garel - Canada
Jean-Marc LaGarde - France
+ New Traits Presentation

Saturday Judges

Linda Jean Grillo - AB
Aline Noel-Garel - AB
Laura Cunningham - AB
Elaine Weitz - AB
Pascal Remy - AB
Jean-Marc LeGarde - SP


Sunday Judges

Steve Savant - AB
Ellen Crockett - AB
Alice Rhea - AB
Lynn Judge - AB
Heather Roberts - AB
Pascal Remy - SP